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Online Appointments

Provide your Client Base with the Ability to Book their Appointments Online!

Solutions available:

- Seasonal flu shots

- Child vaccination

- Test centres

More than 500,000 patients of all age have already adopted it!

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Centre de santé

Health Centres

Already in use in 25 % of all of Quebec’s health centres, our online appointment booking solution enables you to improve access to your immunization services, frees up administration time, and eliminates clinic waiting time while reducing pressure on your staff…Learn more



Used by more than 500,000 users, our online appointment booking solution enables you to promote the professional services provided in your pharmacy, to reduce the time spent on treating phone requests, optimize staff work schedule, and become a leader in online services…Learn mode

Villes et territoires

Cities / Territories

Are you looking for a way to help your business meet coming labour shortage or to reduce the financial risks related to recruiting? Leverage your existing network in your next recruiting campaigns…Learn more

Grands Entreprises

Large Entreprises

Talent Attraction enables you to find that elusive best talent hidden within your network’s reach. By transforming your job offers in social-driven “Wanted Posters”. Talent Attraction redefines the candidate referral experience. You too will be amazed by your network’s powers of attraction…Learn more

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  • “Easily accessible, it allows the client to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time, night or day! Free up the time of staff in the reception area, enables us to view how many patients are coming every day and better plan our work teams: replace an absent employee, limit the number of patients seen in a given day. Enables us to adjust the number of patients seen during work breaks as well as to estimate the number of vaccines to be ordered each day.”

    Julie Lemieux, Chef d'administration de programme santé, CSSS Thérèse-De Blainville

  • “Programming is quick and intuitive. We have been able to adapt to client demand during vaccination season by increasing the number of available schedule slots to better meet the needs of the population. Software use has contributed to reduce queue time for the clients. The Appointment mode has been well-understood by users and we have avoided congestion. People came at their scheduled time.”

    Isabelle Desbiens, Chef de l’administration des programmes DSA, CSSS Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke